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Twenty Years Later   
                                                     by Thorb  Feb/98
All I seem to be doing is,         
looking after the fire,
today it feels so wasted,
yesterday was much higher,
a place of honour,
a place of fame,
so proudly associated 
with your name.
Now it looks so wasted,
somthing from the past,
exotic smells you tasted,
so good, 
then just don't last.

Twenty years gone bye
twenty years [a sigh]
twenty years just flew
me and you
what can we do?

Now the little ones are big
now the dreams like a wig
just don't seem
well I mean
they've faded
lost their drive
no longer jaded
no reason to hide
I take another look around
i listen for a sound
the wind blows gently
the birds scream and yell
a plane flies east by northeast
my heart cannot tell
i shuffle my feet
you say lets eat
I say
                                                              we go.

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