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forest trail

Photos of sculpture and so much of my life. My studies, my space, my love. Poems and thoughts from my edge of the universe. Lost hope, fame, and fortune, turned to pure art, as pure life, like...some strange spirituality or insight, like 60's through 90's in dreams, like finding truth in colour, [color for you americans] metal like finding love in light and shadow, like a mellow sigh. Life is four dimensional kenteic sculptural performance, [not even on a stage] just there some obscure art park, in a nitch or a nooke or ... supporting the odd pigeon or gull, waiting for a call.Sunbathers When looking sickly ignored like prickly ash until the space demands recognition then if luck prevails culled over to a dusty shelf Fire Gnome larger than selfmay just stay the inevitable pray or play or say what you will its papers that keep the dream alive beurocrats and fat cats hats of glory shoes tell a story a bloody glove questioned love drugs Trails all compiled and assayed all filed and surveyed all wheel drive on the freeway all can't survive this fray still contrives still ...we stand aside [and contemplate] still ...I hope you see still ...reality still false.

So ... in the end we think to know. Is it so ... and if so ... who will decide to fly high?

Now ... do you want to see some pictures ... like? --->>

Tofino BC

Long Beach on Victoria Island Nov96

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Some friends hi hats

Or some art and stuff like that?


Garden at rr3 Lawn art forest ritual in the 90's
One of my gardens -- Lawn art 1979/Guelph -- West coast pretty pictures

Clicking here means you are over 19 and are not offended by sexual imagry and will not hold me or the server or anyone but yourself responsible for what you encounter. This is experimental photographic collages created from pictures i have found on the web.

abstracts made from web pictures

Outdoor Trail Markers [Environmental Sculpture]

My Story [from birth]


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Forest Settlement
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