Random people and poems
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Random Text Pictures

this is an experiment in random images and text.

Just the thought of of the Olympics and focus on sport.

[I still call this typing because that's what I've learned it as]
the up down scroll f2 f18 attack with joystick and mouse
is computer and beyond keyboarding.

Now ....... the gag idea I thought i would like to save .

I see the spectator at home in his lazyboy
might even look good as a her
then there's both

see the keyboard plain text so it can be easily doodahed up in another probgram has no ... dn't awant any excesses of style
no unnecesarty carriage returns. [enters]
but i can't help using my point form feelings of thought transfer

just thoughts and need seperations sometimes to be fully empathized.
choice of words
spelling can be chequed ... though not is easily in the intita initial prestinting.

infact without looking it gets splattered and I can see a voice entry maybe being not a bad idea for ideas.
a scanable base ....... like a dream or a toy game
isolation if thought in the freeflowing entry to print/type/drawing/written words
sybolizing in the only way they know how.
expression of human thoughts
tapping the flow
wired to the ergo chair
flying throught social interface
still falling behind the growth exponential
splashed by movement through space
errased more than you wanted to
1c2of10 [once too often]
each return adds infinite possibilities of tangents into sidetracks into trails of tangent stories
tabs will help space and pause the contemplation that is oh
so necessary to understand poems or just free form thought
its not mine to say hey hey...
makes me think of lyrics
makes me think of tunes
makes me think of repitition
makes me think too soon

the end of the stanza
a punchline givaway you say or is that just another thought tangent.

makes me think of finding
realizing the light hearted need
makes it bleed
makes to read
creates a need to carry on

I was going to paint a picture with words.
to give the feeling of flying in a lazyboy sucking back a brew
flying in the lazyboy knowin this is you
nothing new
just maybe you were on wheels ... no flying is the feeling.
wheels are the device for the illusion

And we are all waiting for Elvis even if its in the short program.
His finalé should be Elvis does Elvis with Jailhouse rock/if I can dream medley.
[but that's me and he is Elvis and does his own thing]

RR3 entrance south side

Search term:
Case-sensitive? yes
exact fuzzy

its so easy to get in touch with me.

© 2004