Random people and poems
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Random Text Pictures

this is an experiment in random images and text.

Slow Train by Bob Dylan

sometime I feel so low down and disgusted
can't help but wonder
whats happening to my companions
are they lost or are they found
have they counted the cost what'd take a friend down
all their earthly principles their gonna have to abandon
and there's a slow
slow train comin
I been round the bend.

I had a woman
santa anna bound
she was a backwoods girl
but she sure was realistic
she said boy without a doubt
have to quit yer messin an straightn out
you could die down here
be just another accident statistic
and there's a slow
slow train coming
coming round the bend

All that foreign oil
controling American soil
look around you
its just bound to make you embarassed
Sheiks walkin around like kings
wearin fancy jewels and others rings
deciding America's future for ransom they live in Paris
and there's a slow
slow train comin
comin round the bend

Man's ego's inflated
his laws are outdated
they don't apply no more
you can't rely no more
just standin around an waitin
in the home of the brave
's turnin over in his grave
and there's a slow
slow train comin
comin round the bend

Dagmar and Amy

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